Capture Assistant

Capture Assistant 1.5

Capturing tool that grabs both images and text


  • Start capturing with a keyboard shortcut
  • You can capture images or text
  • Supports text to speech


  • Context menus are uncomfortable
  • Only one capturing method available
  • No built-in image editor


Capture Assistant is an easy, convenient capturing tool that works both with images and text.

The most striking thing about Capture Assistant is that it doesn’t have a standard interface. Instead, it works with context menus: the one you open from the program's icon in the System Tray and the one that comes up whenever you take a screenshot. I found this design a bit uncomfortable to use, but if may work for you.

Using Capture Assistant is piece of cake. Simply press the appropriate keyboard shortcut to trigger the capturing mechanism and select anything on your screen. Capture Assistant will display a context menu from which you select whether it is a graphic or a text capture. Then you’ll have access to several options, such as previewing the capture, editing it or saving it to your hard drive. The text capture even has a text-to-speech option.

Capture Assistant comes in handy for quick, simple image capturing tasks. However, it falls short of expectations if you need extra functionality, such as more capturing modes or a built-in editor to annotate your snapshots.

Capture Assistant is an easy-to-use capture tool that can grab both images and text on your screen.

Capture Assistant


Capture Assistant 1.5

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